DeLorenzo Nova-Fusion
Nova Fusion Coloured Shampoo's, our low price of $19.12


COLOUR & DESCRIPTION (All are in 250ml)
  CLARET: Enhances deep rich red tones in coloured/natural hair
  FIRE RED: Enhances vibrant red-orange tones in coloured/natural hair
  CHERRY RED: Enhances vibrant red-violet tones in coloured/natural hair
  ROSEWOOD: Provides violet highlights & pastel rosewood tones to blonde hair
  AUBURN: Enhances rich tones in light to med. brown hair, adds warmth to dark brown hair & intensifies auburn hair
  COPPER: Enhances vibrant copper tones in coloured/natural hair
  COPPER TITIAN: Enhances copper highlights in light brown, medium brown, blonde & auburn hair
  BURGUNDY: Enhances deep violet-red tones in coloured/natural hair
  SILVER: Reduces unwanted brassy yellow tones in blonde hair
  VIOLET: Enhances rich violet tones in coloured/normal hair (Not recommended for blonde hair)
  BEIGE BLONDE: Enhances soft beige tones in white & grey hair, adds depth to blonde hair
  WARM GOLD: Enhances golden highlights in blonde, light brown & medium brown hair
  NATURAL TONES: Adds depth to blonde hair, intensifies brown hair
  COOL NATURALS: Reduces brassy tones in brown hair, adds soft ash to white & grey hair
  CONDITIONER: Locks in & intensifies colour